...we are happy to make beautiful hats with excellent fit from great fabrics - with love and by hand - for happy children and their parents!


Since 1991 PICKAPOOH specializes on the design and hand-production of ecologically sound, trendy, and high-quality hats and other accessories that kids and adults love to wear for their perfect fit.


In 1998 we switched our production fully to using organic materials exclusively. We live up to strict ecological criteria and social responsibility to the full benefit of people, animals, plants, and our environment.

We solely produce „MADE IN GERMANY“, respecting internationally accepted social standards and only working with fix-contracted employees. Without a team that enjoys working together in creating great products, PICKAPOOH would be unthinkable! Our small family-style company ticks like a clock and each individual is indispensable for our „to-order “ production. With personal drive, everyone every day helps make our hats and accessories something really special.

We work exclusively with merino wool from ecologically raised livestock ((kontrolliert biologische Tierhaltung (kbT)). Respect and appreciation for humans and animals alike are the guiding principles of the ecological upbringing of animals. The sheep live species appropriately, healthy, and stress-free! The range lands fulfill all climatic and ecological requirements. No pesticides are used on the land and the animals. The animals can breed naturally, don’t get their tails cut, and can keep their horns. In short, fine wool from happy animals.


The fabric mix of merino wool and silk is ideal for our hats and scarves, as this material regulates temperature and humidity very well and thus supports a healthy skin climate. Our hats made from this mix of 70% organic merino wool (kbT) and 30% silk are comfortable and enjoyable to wear.

And we also use solely organic cotton (kontrolliert biologischer Anbau (kbA)). Organic cotton farming does not use any chemically synthesized fertilizers and pesticides. Genetically modified seeds are forbidden. It is the chosen abdication of potentially negative influences on humans, health and the environment. We do support fair trade and do business respecting human dignity.


Since 2004 we offer a collection with natural UV protection. Since the summer of 2011, we offer four different grades of UV protection (UV Protect 30, 40, 60, and 80) – all certified according to the UV-STANDARD 801. This standard tests everyday-use conditions and is recommended by “Stiftung Warentest”. This strict standard exceeds the widely used Australian-New Zealand standard that only tests new and dry textiles. A material getting a UPF of 40 according to the Australian-New Zealand Standard falls back to a UPF of 5 when tested according to the UV-STANDARD 801.

We currently offer 15 certified organic cotton fabrics (kbA) in a range of classic colors: flame, caribbean sea, marine, rot, dahlia, mystical, turbulence, slate green (UV 80), jeans, azalea, golden yellow, green tea (UV 60), cayenne, rosé (UV 40), and taupe (UV 30)– all free of chemical additions. All items made from these materials protect reliably from dangerous UV radiation – from 2 hours up to a whole day! For babies, we offer a sunroof for buggies and prams – the PICKAPOOH “CertiFlyer”.

You can identify our special UV protection textiles by the „UV Protect“- label of the UV-STANDARD 801. Further information can be found here: www.uvstandard801.de.

PICKAPOOH produces everything solely in Germany. We follow internationally accepted labor standards and employ only full-time employees. With our team, we solely produce “to order” and mostly deliver summer and winter items all year. For some styles, our size range covers 16 steps: from 34 up to 64 centimeter in head circumference. This set of sizes covers the whole age range from new-borns, through toddlers, kindergarten, and school kids to grown ups.


Generally, our delivery time for ad-hoc orders is 2 to 4 weeks, it may take a bit longer during high season. Pre-order customers can choose their "delivery calendar week" and will be served with priority.

We will be happy to assist you in selecting your choice of our products.

As a small family company based in Hamburg, PICKAPOOH works fast and attentive. Suggestions for improvements, wishes and ideas are warmly welcome. Just let us know.

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PICKAPOOH is a registered trademark at the German Patent and Trademark Office.


PICKAPOOH is a member of the  (International Association of the Natural Textile Industry).






How we work

Without a team that enjoys to create beautiful products together, PICKAPOOH would be unthinkable.

So let me introduce you to those people that help me satisfying your needs.

Our small company ticks like a clock - in our "to order" production system each and everyone is dearly needed and contributes with peak performance everyday to make our hats and accessoires something very special.

Be invited to meet my team!

Best regards

Kerstin Tollmien


Frank is a strong pillar in our office! Accounting and finances are his strengths. Friendly, good-humoured and relaxed, he is also the contact person for our customers, suppliers and employees. He takes care of many important office tasks - safely and reliably.

Thank you very much, you are a great support for me!

Krystel is highly motivated and responsible for order processing in our office. Very cheerful and friendly, she takes care of all customer questions and requests.


We are very happy that she supports our team so energetically.

Design & Cut Development

At PICKAPOOH we work to get kids and their parents happy. With hats and caps that are cute, cosy to wear and that fit. Perfect fit sets PICKAPOOH hats apart from competition and makes them special!

My Team and I work jointly to turn my ideas to drafts, drafts to cuts and refined cuts to a fully graded set of sizes. All the way focussed on the perfect fit!

Cutting edge

Martina, Sigrid, Safar, Evgeni and Said are my current "cutting crew". They transform our cutting plans into parts that will ultimately become hats, mitten, booties, scarves and many more items from our collections. All our fabrics are - naturally - fully organic.

Their work requires full concentration - those saws are sharp and fast! They very competently get their jobs done - fast and efficient.

I am very glad to have you in our team, thank you very much!

Sewing Room

Without these competent, efficient and highly productive ladies and gentlemen, all PICKAPOOH hats would be unfinished business. With the eye for detail, experience and full concentration this is the heart of our production in Hamburg. This is where hats, mitten, booties, scarves and all other products are "hand-made in Hamburg, Germany".

This team ensures the high quality you expect from our products.

Thank you all for your efforts, each and everyone is important for our joint success!

Quality Control

You expect consistently high quality and Vera takes care of us not disappointing you. She handles every single item to cut the last threads, to insert ribbons in the respective tunnels and to tie last knots.

Thank you, Vera, for your reliability!

Eylem runs our ironing station on a daily basis, responsible for the prefect shape of your hats when they leave our factory.

Thank you for your professional help, Eylem!


Karin Riekert owns and leads our external production company with her full-hearted energy, her determination and her special knowledge. Riekert Tex and some of their employees are fully specialised in PICKAPOOH products. Together with Karin they provide the extra capacity we need on a daily basis to make even more children happy. High personal engagement and love for our products are important personal qualifications to succeed.

Sales Team

Retailers from Northern Germany and Berlin will know Marlis Wengel, our sales agent for the region. For many years she supports her customers in selecting the right mix from our wide range of products, based on her long-standing experience in the field.

Her lively temper is a great support during our main retailer trade show INNATEX at Wallau near Frankfurt (www.innatex.de).

Our collaboration is great fun!


Marlis Wengel
Im Buckhornwald 7b
22359 Hamburg
Tel. 040-6030193
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Marketing & Photography

After each new collection is finally produced, Olaf Lochschmidt, our photographer and marketing support, looks after PICKAPOOH's "visual identity".

With heart and passion for the subject he has captured countless beautyful portraits of our small and larger models. He supports with marketing input and we jointly shape the image of our little family business.

Without him, this "hat manufactury" would not be what it is today.

Katharina Tello, a freelance photographer from Berlin, contacted us without being asked. She wanted to provide us with pictures of her children who love to wear PICKAPOOH caps. Kathi's unique picture style is a great enrichment for our picture gallery.
I am very happy that you have contacted us, Kathi!
For independent work contact Kathi directly at: 0163 7520542


IT - Computer & Co

At PICKAPOOH "IT" stands for „invisible Tom“. Since the beginning of 2016 he guarantees - invisible as a brownie - during our off-times the smooth operation of all our IT systems. Thanks to that I do not have to think about the infrastructure and can concentrate on the essentials – hats & more.

Thank you Tom, you are a perfect match!

Our photo kids and their great parents

I do not remember exactly how many beautiful, exhausting, funny and cheerful photo shootings we had with our photo kids. It has always been very personal, familiar and close meetings with the children as well as their parents.

I thank you all for your trust and so many beautiful moments!


Yes, my family, what would I and PICKAPOOH be without them. All as they are there give me power through their love, support me in creative processes with ideas, suggestions and help! And they catch me when it really became too much. This is of unpayable value!

Without all of you PICKAPOOH would not be what it is today. I thank you with all my heart!