...we are happy to make beautiful hats with excellent fit from great fabrics - with love and by hand - for happy children and their parents!

All our hats are made from finest natural fibers. For longivety and to maintain size, fit and colour they should be washed at max. 30°C.

We humans run at body temperatures of about 37°C. So water used for handwashing needs to feel COLD comparatively to our body temeprature! Imagine to be in a temperated outdoor pool with 28C - that should feel right.

Please never use "normal" washing powders as they contain bleaches!

Modern washing machines runing wool care options at or below 30°C should be ok. It is important not to use the spin-dring option.

Never use a tumbler, regardless of temperature.

Wool and wool-Silk hats

Especially our wool and wool-silk hats prefer a caring treatment during washes, so please refrain from exessive rubbing and/or wringing. Just gently pull back to the original form and let them dry at room temperature. This will ensure lasting joy with your PICKAPOOH hat.

Summer caps and hats

Our summer caps and hats can take some more. Please re-stretch to the original form by hand. You may want to use the back of your hand as leverage. Woven cotton fabrics do slightly (and reversibly) shring during washing. Irreversible shrinking only happens when washed too hot or when dry-tumbled.

Enjoy your PICKAPOOH hat - lastingly.